Office Visits

We participate in many insurance plans. Please check with our business office regarding your insurance company. Patients should be aware of their individual plans. Some procedures are not covered under certain plans. Please bring all insurance cards to each visit. We do not bill non-participating insurance companies for office visits, but you may by sending a copy of your super bill to your company.


Co-pays remain the responsibility of the parent at each visit. For your convenience we now accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. As a policy, physicians do not discuss billing problems with patients. Please discuss any billing or payment problems with the business office.


After Hours

A pediatrician is available whenever the office is closed for emergencies and questions that cannot wait for usual office hours. Please call (931)526-6100 to access the on-call physician. Pediatric nurses often assist us in responding to your needs after hours. These nurses are extremely proficient in answering questions on fevers and common childhood illnesses.